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CMV is charged with identifying barriers to service and health care access, as well as increasing local awareness of minority Veteran related issues by developing strategies for improving minority participation in existing VA benefit programs. CMV utilizes three major outreach initiatives to ensure minority Veterans concerns are addressed.

The primary goal of this outreach initiative is to increase local awareness of minority Veteran related issues and develop strategies for increasing their participation in existing VA benefit programs for eligible Veterans. MVPCs are located at Regional Offices, Health Care Facilities and National Cemeteries and are responsible for:

    • Promoting the use of VA benefits, programs, and services by minority Veterans
    • Supporting and initiating activities that educate and sensitize internal staff to the unique needs of minority Veterans
    • Targeting outreach efforts to minority Veterans through community networks
    • Advocating on behalf of minority Veterans by identifying gaps in services and make recommendations to improve service delivery within their facilities

Minority Veterans Program Coordinator

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