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Increasing the time and distance between someone in a suicidal crisis and access to lethal means can reduce suicide risk and save lives.  On the website you will find the following information:

Customized support and resources to Veterans based upon identification of specific life challenges. You’re not alone. You’ve got this. Don’t wait. Reach out.  

Veterans and their loved ones talk about their experiences, challenges and recovery. With more than 800 videos on various topics.  The website also contains information on signs and symptoms, self-assessments, coping strategies, treatment and support, and resources specific to Veterans, family and friends, clinicians, active duty and National Guard.

Website provides information and ideas on discussing suicide specific to age (preschooler, school age and teenager). Information includes:

    • Why talking about a suicide attempt is important
    • Ideas about when you should talk about an attempt
    • Ideas on how much information to share
    • Ways to support a child (preschoolerschool ageand teenager)
    • Examples on what to say and how you might say it

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