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Older Veterans Behavioral Health Resource Inventory

This toolkit helps senior centers integrate suicide prevention into activities that support wellness. It describes activities that increase protective factors and explains how to recognize the warning signs for suicide.

This toolkit equips senior living staff with resources to promote mental health, prevent suicide, and encourage active participation among residents. It includes guidelines for integrating suicide prevention into ongoing programs, hands-on tools, and training manuals.

This issue brief is intended to help health care and social service organizations develop strategies to prevent suicide in older adults.

Tools for starting conversations with Aging Veteran

Self-Help STOP Worry Workbook for Veterans 60 years and older -The workbooks contain eight chapters detailing skills, including anxiety education and awareness, relaxation (Diaphragmatic Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation [PMR]), problem solving, cognitive therapy, exposure and behavioral sleep management, contains practice exercises, forms to monitor progress and may be used independently or as a part of formal treatment.



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