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Veterans can access online courses that provide instruction and training in problem-solving, parenting, anger management, sleeping better, managing stress, and more.

Five age-based parenting toolkit for OIF and OEF Veterans and their partners.    

A plan created to help overcome mental set-backs, triggers, or a crisis by identifying skills and ways to cope.

Free VA apps that provide information on various topics, and tools to help manage symptoms.

This mobile app prompts users to add the contact information of three people they would like to talk to when they are having thoughts of suicide. Users can also access important resources, including resources specific to Veterans 

  • Suicide Safety Plan App

This mobile app allows users to input their own warning signs of suicide risk, identify coping strategies, and highlight friends, family members, and medical professionals they can call in times of crisis. It also provides emergency resources, so help is just a tap away. 

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